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Act Today!

There are many important issues that impact the local Bucks County Foodshed and beyond.

Below are a list of topics that you can browse and find action items to address them, as they are available.

Elections & Local representatives

Voting and contacting your local representatives is crucial to having your voice heard!

Voting information:

Contact Information for local representatives:

RepresentativeContact Information
State Representatives & Senators
by Municipality
List of Bucks County PA State Legislators
CongresspersonBrian Fitzpatrick
SenatorJohn Fetterman 
Philadelphia Office: (215) 241-1090
Wash., DC Office: (202) 224-4254
SenatorBob Casey Jr
Philadelphia Office: (215) 405-9660
Wash., DC Office: (202) 224-6324
Regenerative Agriculture & Sustainable Food Systems

In general, regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that focuses on restoring the soil to its natural ecosystem, which in turn, leaves the land in a better place for generations to come. Regenerative growers limit mechanical soil disturbance, helping to preserve the natural biology of the soil. Some common regenerative practices include reduced or no till, planting cover crops, increasing crop diversity, composting, and integrating animals with crops.


Food Security & Justice

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that nearly 50 million Americans, including 16 million children, are food insecure. Over 15% of Americans lack a safe secure supply of food.

Rolling Harvest Food Rescue
Rolling Harvest Food Rescue collects donated produce from local farms and markets, and distributes immediately to the non-profit hunger-relief agencies helping the most needy families in the community.

Feed Family, Support A Family Farm
This BCFA-founded program purchases excess produce from farmers at Doylestown and Wrightstown Farmers Market and delivers it to limited resource members of the community.

SNAP Accepted at Doylestown and Wrightstown Farmers Markets
In an effort to expand access to local foods, all farmers at the Doylestown and Wrightstown Farmers Markets accept SNAP benefits, and for a limited time, BCFA is matching $2 for every $5 spent through SNAP.

Climate Change

Browse our blog posts regarding climate change

Action items:

Sign the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s Letter to Act on Climate in the Farm Bill



Farmers/Workers Rights

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