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Bluestem Botanicals Opening a Farm Store in Downtown Doylestown This Spring!

May 3, 2024 | Support for Local Farmers | 0 comments

Bluestem Botanicals to open new retail storefront at 52 E. State Street with open date in late May!


Eric and Linda, founders of Bluestem Botanicals

Bluestem Botanicals, nestled in the heart of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, has served as a beacon in Bucks County for herbalists, bartenders, and the herb curious.  Founded in 2008 by partners Linda Shanahan and Eric Vander Hyde, this certified organic herb farm has cultivated a diverse array of over 70 certified organic aromatic and medicinal crops, offers educational programming, and makes the most yummy herbal extracts that can be used as herbal supplements as well as beverage ingredients. They have been the recipient of our Small Farm Grant and been the host of our Farm Tour in 2022!


Bluestem’s “Drink Your Garden” line bridges the gap between bartenders and herbalists, offering farm grown and farm crafted Botanical Simple Syrups, Tinctures and Bitters. These cocktail and mocktail ingredients have been bartender curated into giftable kits that come with recipes, educational videos, and all the botanical ingredients to make elevated cocktails and mocktails at home.  Linda and Eric’s dedication to sustainable practices  and quality ensures that each herbal extract maintains the greatest aromatic and flavor qualities possible by harvesting and processing most herbs fresh and right out of the field.


Previously limited by their lease and lack of street frontage at their farm, Linda and Eric have now secured a permanent outlet right in downtown Doylestown. Starting in late May, visit their newly acquired retail storefront at 52 East State Street, where you’ll find dried herbs, tinctures, cocktail ingredients, mixology and teamaking supplies, as well as lots of farm grown herbal and floral décor.


Once the store gets off and running, Linda plans to re-open her wellness coaching practice in which she provides individual guidance to those interested in a more personalized educational experience. She combines her nearly 25 years of experience working with plants, 2 decades of acute care nursing experience, and her most recent training in functional medicine concepts to “bring it all together” for her personal clients.


Whether you’re sipping a Bluestem-infused cocktail or creating your own herbal remedies for wellness, this farm-fueled-storefront embodies the spirit of Doylestown. It’s a place where nature’s bounty meets creativity, and where Linda and Eric’s passion for organic herbs shines through.




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