2022 Farmers’ Forum: Healthy Soils, Healthy Profits

Celebrate with Our Local farmers!

Every year, BCFA holds a Farmers’ Forum. It is an event to bring our farmers together and show appreciation for all they do. Often there are guest speakers that provide education and entertainment on key topics, brainstorming sessions to identify shared issues and potential collaborative solutions, lots of time to network and share ideas about the past growing season and looking forward to the next, as well as just enjoying the company and humor of like-minded farming folks! In addition, many government officials and policy-makers attend this event, making it a unique opportunity to speak directly with them. It is a fun and informative event that helps to keep us all connected.

This event is free and by invitation only. If you are a local farmer and want to attend this event, please contact us!

Featured Speaker:

Sam Malriat, Director of Organic Consulting at Rodale Institute

Sam provides on-site technical assistance to farmers, landowners, and businesses that are interested in transitioning land to certified organic and regenerative production systems. He earned a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences from Cornell University, and has over 12 years of practical farming experience in Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland, specializing in vegetable and grain production. Sam is a Certified Crop Adviser and is IOIA Certified in Crops and Livestock. He also serves as a board member for Pennsylvania Certified Organic, PA FarmLink, and sits on the Governing Council for the Organic Farmers Association.


Date & time:

March 2, 2022
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm








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