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Meet the Humble Carrot

Sure, the days feel shorter than ever, as the sun crests behind the hills in Eastern Pennsylvania at around 4:30 p.m. or so, but that doesn't mean that your cooking has to become equally dreary. Really, the dark, cold nights are an incredible excuse to bust out the stockpot and whip up a hearty Irish-style beef stew with maple and stout, or a pile of roasted root vegetables, seasoned well and caramelized on a sheet pan in the oven. Maybe even a carrot tart with ricotta and feta will feel just indulgent enough.

Eating on the Wild Side Garlic

by Susan Pierson, President  Get the maximum health benefits from garlic! Now is the time to both enjoy this year's harvest and plant garlic for next year. One of my favorite books is Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson which goes into detail about how to...

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