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CSA stands for ?Community Supported Agriculture.? There are many CSA models but in general the goal is to create a 1 to 1 direct relationship between the people growing the food and the people buying it that establishes sustained human connection and resilient local economies. Traditionally, customers purchase a seasonal or annual membership each year to receive a ?share? or ?box? of whatever the farm produces, whether it is veggies, fruits, dairy, meat, etc. This model supports farmers by providing capital up front when costs are greatest which allows farmers to plan and budget more accurately. It also eliminates a middleman like a grocery store taking a share of the profits. Farmers are then more likely to make a fair wage and consumers are more likely to pay a low price.

Anchor Run Farm

Blooming Glen Farm

Blue Moon Acres (Buckingham, PA)

Blue Moon Acres (Pennington, NJ)

Bluestem Botanicals

Charlann Farm

Clean Green Growers Farm

Farmer John’s CSA

Hunter Hill CSA

Love Grows CSA

Morgan Creek Farms

Myerov Family Farm

Pennypack Farm & Education Center

Plowshare Farm

Roots to River Farm

Snipes Farm & Education Center

Solly Brothers’ Farm

Spring Creek Farm

Tinicum CSA


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