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These are food, fiber, flower and medicine growers located within the foodshed of Bucks County (primarily within a 100 mile radius). BCFA cultivates direct relationships with these farms and prioritizes farms and other related businesses that are taking action to create resilience in our local environment, our local communities and our local economies. Some of our farms also offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) purchasing programs. Find out more about local CSAs here.


NOTE: Certain products that require a unique ecosystem may be further than 100 miles. But we choose farms that are closest to Bucks County.

None Such Farm

Pan’s Forest

Paxson Hill Farm

Peace Tree Farm

Peace Valley Lavender Farm

Penn View Farm

Pennypack Farm & Education Center

Pie Bird Farm

Plowshare Farm

Primordia Mushroom Farm

Promised Land Natural Farm

Purely Farm’s Naturally Pastured-Raised Meats

Rabbits Run Farm

Rolling Hills Farm

Rook Farms

Roots to River Farm

Schneiderwind Farm & Nursery

Shady Brook Farm

Simple Pleasures Farm

Snipes Farm & Education Center

Snyder Farms

Solebury Orchards

Solly Brothers’ Farm

Spring Creek Farm

Styer Orchard Inc.

Sugar Maple Jerseys

Tabora Farm & Orchard

Tanner Brothers Dairy Farm

Tinicum CSA

Trauger’s Farm

Tussock Sedge Farm

Wildemore Farm

Winding Brook Farm

Windy Springs Farm

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