1. We need volunteers to help our vendors set up their tents and bring things from their cars to their tent at set up time (7am) and at break down time (1:01pm). This volunteer or volunteers can stay the whole market day with us if you choose and help us with other fun market tasks! 

2. We need volunteers to help us with our monthly Taste of the Season program. Each month we will take produce from the market, wash, cut and label it into sample sizes for customers to enjoy – to taste the season! 

3. We need Artists to volunteer to showcase their work in the medium of sidewalk chalk! At the entrance to our market we would love to highlight the theme of the week or month with sidewalk chalk art. Examples of the themes/events are: Pride, Derby Day/Mothers Day, Edible Flowers, Gardening, Flag Day, Earth Day, Juneteenth, Hot Pepper Eating Challenge, and Oktoberfest, to name just a few. This would be generally a once a month opportunity and the artist will certainly be featured in our newsletter, our social media and can have a tip jar and business cards at the entrance of the market or market tent. The artist may also greet customers at the entrance of the market and display another piece of their artwork to showcase your normal medium of work. We want to support local artists as they create joy for all of us. 

Please email Alex at dtownmarketmanager@gmail AND Kelly at chefkellyunger@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these opportunities at our market! Thank you! 

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