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Commercial Canning of Acid and Acidified Foods

Join Penn State Extension for an intensive one-day workshop tailored specifically for smaller-scale commercial processors of shelf-stable acid and acidified foods packaged in glass jars or bottles. Delve into crucial topics such as state and federal canning regulations, microbiology, acidification methods, thermal processing, container requirements, and labeling. From the production of jams, jellies, dressings, and sauces to fermented and low-acid foods, this comprehensive event covers it all. Whether you’re an established processor looking to enhance your skills or an aspiring entrepreneur venturing into the food industry, this workshop equips participants with the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the safety and quality of shelf-stable products. This event also welcomes growers seeking to add value to their annual harvest and educators passionate about fostering entrepreneurship in the food sector.

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Commercial Canning of Acid and Acidified Foods

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