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Regenerative Agriculture Systems

Join us for a FREE Webinar to learn from Mike Rassweiler, President of NOFA-NJ Board of Directors and Founder of North Slope Farm, about Regenerative Agriculture Systems. 

In this presentation, Mike will share his experiences farming vegetables, flowers and herbs, starting from a very basic knowledge of how to farm, adjusting over time to invest in permanent beds, strategies to reduce tillage and adoption of some no-till strategies. Crop selection also matters and Mike will share his recent experiences with hemp and hazelnuts.

Background: In 1994 Mike purchased a 50-acre farm, that had been subjected to decades of aggressive tillage and herbicides, and many locations were severely eroded. He worked closely with NRCS to install diversions and permanent waterways to stop the erosion. He established permanent grass borders around smaller fields, and took a lot of marginal land out of production.

Certified Organic since 1997, Mike is an advocate for the adoption of Organic Management Practices as the most important step towards developing Regenerative Agricultural Systems. It is very difficult to realistically claim to be regenerative and still harvest crops every season. Mike loves the concept of Regenerative Systems and welcomes the opportunity to explore our options with farmers and communities.  

FREE WEBINAR: March 24th, 10am to 12pm(ish)
Please reach out to TessM@FoodshedAlliance.org with any questions or concerns.
Thank you!

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Regenerative Agriculture Systems

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