The Preserve at Play

Please join us for a special day devoted to children and play on Saturday, May 14, from 10 am to 1 pm. All children 14 and under will be admitted FREE all day.

“The Preserve at Play” will be a great outing for the family to explore our trails and enjoy games, woodland crafts, sensory exploration and light refreshments along the way. Our play areas, Sycamore Hollows and the R.O.T. Plot, will be dedicated and kick off new opportunities for our littlest visitors to enjoy.

Activities available from 10 am to 1 pm include:

  • A Buzzing Bee Game: collect pollen and place it in the honeycomb before time runs out.
  • Butterfly Hurdles: navigate the dangers that a butterfly may encounter during migration.
  • Woodland Craft Table: located near Sycamore Hollows, visitors can make their own large or small creatures from clay, sticks and natural materials.
  • Pick-Up Stix: traditional game using willow sticks.
  • Quoits: one of the original “ring toss” games utilizing willow and natural (grapevine) rings
  • Sensory Station: located at the gazebo, visitors can use their different senses to engage with the natural world.
  • Refreshments at the Cabin: such as lemonade, water, popcorn and cookies

We can’t wait to welcome your family to the Preserve on this day of fun within nature!

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The Preserve at Play

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