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Weed Management & Cover Cropping

Weed Management & Cover Cropping


Come out to this twilight tour of Pennypack Farm & Education Center in Montgomery County, PA, to learn about their weed management system, including the use of extensive summer cover cropping.

Founded in 2003, Pennypack Farm & Education Center is a 13-acre diversified vegetable farm co-managed by Kirstie and Steph Jones using organic practices to grow for CSA and a food donation program. In addition to looking at cover cropping, we will discuss Pennypack’s cultivation practices between and within rows to maximize crop production.

One of the primary components of Pennypack’s soil health program is the use of cover crops during all four seasons to build soil structure, prevent erosion, and manage weeds. Pennypack uses a wide variety of cover crops on the farm, including nitrogen-fixing legumes such as crimson clover, vetch, and peas, as well as grasses that provide organic matter, such as oats and Sudan grass. They also use innovative cover crops such as teff grass and winter wheat in the walkways between crop beds to prevent erosion and weed growth.

Farm managers Kirstie and Steph will be sharing their experience with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)’s Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), which supports their farm in developing diverse cover crop mixes to meet their farm’s sustainability and soil health goals.

Don’t leave early! We will be enjoying locally made seasonal pie and ice cream to end our evening together.


  • Please wear weather-appropriate clothing and footwear for the tour at Pennypack Farm & Education Center. Closed-toe shoes recommended.
  • Capacity: This event is limited to 25 registrants.
  • COVID-19: Please review our safety protocols for in-person events.
  • Questions? Check out our in-person event FAQs. If you still have a question, contact events@pasafarming.org.

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Weed Management & Cover Cropping

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