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Kindearth Greenhouse Tours

Kindearth Growers 2503 Mountain View Dr, Ottsville, PA

Native plant sale offering a wide variety of pollinator favorites! Join John Mark Courtney for greenhouse tours at 11am and 2pm to learn about the plants we grow and the seed starting process. Tour at 11am Tour at 2pm

Eating Food In Season with Doylestown Health (Virtual)


With food traveling from other states to the grocery store, we take it for granted that we can eat fresh berries in January or grab apples in the spring. But not that long ago, you had to eat what was in season. Join a Doylestown Health educator to learn what grows in each season and […]

2022 Edible Schoolyard Virtual Summer Training


Virtual Summer Training 2022 Register now for this year’s Virtual Summer Training taking place June 21 – 24th, 2022! This year’s training will be a virtual event with sessions that explore the fundamentals of edible education. We’ve designed the program to support educators and organizations who are in the early stage of developing their garden and […]

Food, Nutrition & Budgeting Webinar


Want to learn more about Food, Nutrition and Budgeting without even leaving your home? Here's your chance! Join us on Thursday, June 23rd from 7-8:30pm for a Food, Nutrition & Budgeting Webinar! Email Stefanie by, June 22nd, to register. S.clark@habitatbucks.org

Native Pollinators Talk & Walk

Kindearth Growers 2503 Mountain View Dr, Ottsville, PA

The native plant sale continues! At 11am, join Victoria Holderer for a "Native Pollinators Talk & Walk" to learn about native pollinators and what attracts them. Greenhouse hour at 2 pm

NOFA NJ Workshop: Homesteading

Yes, homesteading is possible in New Jersey! Explore two successful operations run by Tomia MacQueen (Wildflower Farm) and Tessa Desmond (Firefly Homestead Farm). You will come away with many ideas that you can apply to your own situation, whether that be a large yard or farm property of any size. Both homesteads combine crops with […]


Haxton Chicken Processing Class

Haxton Homestead Pine Hill Rd, Stockton, NJ

We are offering classes on how to butcher your own chickens for adults. The class includes step by step instructions, hands on experience with all steps, and you get to go home with one of the chickens you helped process. Each class is only open to 10 students so you will have plenty of help […]

Ecological Principles with Dr. Cerruti Hooks


Learn how to harness the power of natural systems on your farm to keep pests in check. While weeds, insect pests, and diseases are often tackled as separate problems, Dr. Cerruti Hooks takes a more comprehensive approach. Join Dr. Hooks, professor and extension specialist in the Department of Entomology at the University of Maryland, to learn about […]

Understanding Weed Life Cycles with Dr. Carolyn Lowry


Learn how the physiology and life cycles of weeds can help you make more informed decisions on your farm. For sustainable and organic farmers, weed prevention is key to keeping your farm productive and profitable. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to weed control requires digging in at the micro level while keeping the big-picture in mind. Dr. […]

Native Plant Garden Tour

Hosted by East Amwell Environmental Commission Join us for fresh air and expert guidance on how you can attract birds to your property by adding, maintaining & managing native plants. We'll use the Johanson property as inspiration.

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