Upcoming Events

Meadow Medicine at Gino’s Nursery

Gino's Nursery 2237 Second Street Pike, Newtown, PA, United States

Learn the medicinal qualities of beloved meadow plants: Goldenrod, Monarda, New England Asters, White Yarrow, Elder, and Boneset, and more! Join Locust Light Farm at Gino’s Nursery in Newtown, PA […]

Medicinal Garden Tour @ Anchor Run Farm

Anchor Run Farm 2578 Second Street Pike, Wrightstown, PA, United States

Join Locust Light Farm in the herb garden at Anchor Run Farm. As we meander through the garden, smelling and nibbling the herbs, I will describe the medicinal qualities of the herbs. I’ll also show you how to properly harvest, dry, and store them. Price for CSA members: $10 Price for non-CSA members: $15 Only […]

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