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Know your grower. Buy Local.

BCFA is the parent organization of two farmers markets: the Wrightstown Farmers Market and the Doylestown Farmers Market.

We founded the Wrightstown Farmers Market in 2006 and adopted the Doylestown Farmers Market in 2016. These markets manifest our mission and are crucial to maintaining a vibrant local food system and economy.

Our farmers’ markets celebrate not only our beautiful local farms and talented farmers, but also local producers of baked goods, jams, sauces, fermented foods and beverages, teas, herbal products and more using local ingredients. Local artisans using locally sourced materials are featured as well. Our markets create opportunities for new farmers and businesses to showcase their talents and succeed as well as for family farms that have been in Bucks County for generations to continue to thrive.

Both the Doylestown and Wrightstown Farmers Markets operate on Saturday mornings and are the fun place to be! Both markets host local musicians each week and feature frequent children’s activities, programs, live cooking demonstrations by local chefs and seasonal tasting events. Educational programs provided to the community by BCFA, help consumers to understand the importance of knowing how our food is grown and the benefits of food grown in this manner. Educated citizens have become loyal customers of both markets. If you’re looking for what’s local and fresh, our farmers markets are THE place to find it!

BCFA also is running a program called Feed a Family, Support a Family Farm. The program aims to expand access to healthy local produce to limited resource members of the community by purchasing excess produce from farmers at the Doylestown and Wrightstown Farmers Markets and delivering it to local food pantries. Along with the free produce, families also receive a helpful nutrition, storage, and recipe guide specific to each week’s vegetables, as well as information about SNAP at the Markets. This program kicked off in June and will run through September.

Our Farmers' Markets Accept SNAP

In order to help those eligible in our community to increased access of local food, Doylestown and Wrigthstown Farmers Market accept SNAP!

While funds last, BCFA will match $2 for every $5 spent with SNAP!

About the Doylestown Farmers Market

The Doylestown Farmers Market is the longest running farmers’ market in Bucks County. It was founded by the Buckingham Township Civic Association in 1975 and moved from Buckingham to its present location in the Borough of Doylestown a few years later. In 2016, the Buckingham Township Civic Association asked BCFA to take over the Doylestown Farmers Market, and we have been honored to do so. Embracing the values of sustainability that have always been hallmarks of BCFA, the Doylestown Farmers Market has continued to cherish age-old farm partnerships as well as welcome new farmers and businesses, enabling the market to continue to thrive and grow.

About the Wrightstown Farmers Market

BCFA launched the Wrightstown Farmers Market to provide an avenue for fledgling local farmers who were growing using sustainable practices, and help to increase their sales to the local community. While advocating for all local farms and farmers, BCFA prioritized farms for the market that were committed to growing without pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and hormones, and as much as possible without fossil fuels. The new farmers were, and continue to be, dedicated to growing animals outdoors on pasture and growing vegetables using organic methods.

We LOVE our farmers’ markets musicians! Do you?

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