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If you ate today…thank a farmer.

We count on the people who grow and produce our food for our sustenance and health. No other job could be more important in our community. We are blessed in Bucks County to have rich farmland and a rich heritage of farming over centuries. Today’s resurgence of interest in farming cannot be underestimated in its importance. As climate change threatens global and national food production, it is critical that we re-develop local food production to protect our food security and resilience. And we must support farmers who are struggling to grow in ways that are not dependent on fossil fuels that contribute to the climate crisis and in ways that support our soil health, our ecosystems, clean air and water and our bodies’ health.

This is why supporting local farmers is the number one priority of the Foodshed Alliance. Toward that end, we are passionate about eating in season–fresh food grown right here in our foodshed, and about working to know our farmers, understand their challenges, and work to assist them in whatever way we can.

Because our bodies need a diverse and healthy diet, our goal is to grow as much variety as possible right here in our own foodshed. And grow it in ways that support our health as well as the health of the environment in which we live. Not only do our bodies thrive on diversity; diversity in crop and animal production is what supports resilience for farmers. If weather or pests are unfavorable for one vegetable or fruit species, growing a variety of species provides resilience. And diverse ecosystems are what support the pollinators and living soils that our crops need and the nutrient dense foodstuffs that our animals and we need.

Soils and microclimates around Bucks County provide unique habitats, growing conditions and flavor experiences. Taste the difference! Treat your taste buds to Bucks County farm products and experience the best! Your body and our farmers will thank you!


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