It’s summertime in the garden! Weeds love it now as much as your preferred vegetables do, so here is an easy tip to control weeds.

Do the best you can to knock weeds back using a stirrup hoe or sharp knife at ground level to cut the weeds down just below the stalk so they can’t regrow or hoe them down. Alternatively, hand weed them out and drop them right there to decompose under the hay/straw in the next step.

Once you can see the soil, lay thick overlapping layers of black and white newspaper (6 sheets or more) in the areas you’d like to keep free of weeds. Next, layer organic straw or hay on top of the newspaper. If the seeds in the hay sprout, just flip it over to add another layer of nutrients to your garden. This should hold for the rest of the summer.

And remember that those weeds make fantastic additions to your compost pile, the compost makes a terrific addition to your garden and it’s a big full circle of life!

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