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Happy National Picnic Month!

Jul 31, 2019 | Just for fun! | 0 comments

It is a perfect time to enjoy farm fresh food and the beautiful surroundings of Bucks County and neighboring areas! The simplest picnic emulates the French origins of this lovely tradition, dining al fresco on an outspread blanket with a loaf of bread, some local farm cheese, and a bottle of wine or a jug of fresh lemonade.

Any meal enjoyed outdoors can be considered a picnic. And being outdoors is simply good for you! Recent studies suggest that as little as 20 minutes in a park can lower blood pressure and improve mental health, with some physicians now even writing park prescriptions for people of all ages.

To make the most of your picnic, consider combining great local food and beverages, good friends, and a beautiful local park. Baskets made just for carrying your picnic utensils are lovely to have and often can be found at local flea markets or garage sales. But small coolers do the job too! While any food will do, consider stopping off first at your local farmers market to grab those fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, salad greens, berries, fruit, breads and cheeses to enjoy. If you have time to plan more, consider making sandwiches of those amazing grilled veggies from the night before! Remember to pack plenty of water in your refillable water bottles to combat the warm summer days.

So grab your filled basket and head out to one of our beautiful local parks with a book or friends and enjoy your picnic. You know you want to! Some of our favorite places are Peace Valley Park, Tyler State Park, Tinicum Park, Core Creek Park, Warminster Community Park, and Doylestown Township Park.

Fun Fact!

The most notable, and largest, picnic ever held spanned 600 miles, crossing France from coast to coast and celebrated the millennium’s first Bastille Day in 2000.


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