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How to Dispose of Winter Squashes

Nov 4, 2022 | Cooking Tips, Sustainability | 0 comments

Did you know that most of those beautiful squashes and pumpkins people put out to decorate their homes are edible and delicious? You can make soups and stews! Steam, mash and serve with butter! Make a pumpkin smoothie! Explore the wonderful world of pumpkins and winter squash! Make a pie or custard or Kelly’s delicious pumpkin muffins ~ the possibilities are nearly endless! 



!Don’t let the large size intimidate you. You can even just take one outside and drop it on hard a surface a couple of times! Gather up the pieces, scrape out the seeds to reserve for roasting and eating. 

Can’t eat it all? Here are some other ideas:


 You could donate to a food pantry such as:


Find a farmer who raises animals:

  • The ReFarm in Plumsteadville: you can drop your pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, straw bales and mums off at the ReFarm farm. They will distribute to animals, wildlife and then back to the fields for replanting next year!
  • Ross Mill Farm in Jamison: will take pumpkins for their pigs as long as they haven’t been carved or painted, and they aren’t mushy or soft (which means they could be moldy inside). Anyone can drop them off at the front gate by the Ross Mill Farm sign. 
  • Smokehaus Farm in Doylestown will take your pumpkins for their animals and compost when their farmstand is open.
  • Did you know horses will eat pumpkins? If you know any horses, learn more here: https://www.helpfulhorsehints.com/can-horses-eat-pumpkin/


Compost them!

Sometimes gourds like to sprout in your compost pile, so more for next year! If you don’t compost, chuck them into the woods for wildlife to eat. Try to break them first as it is hard for the animals to eat if they are whole.

You can also check out a compost service such as BCS Compost or Kona Compost. 


How will you “dispose” of your pumpkins this year?


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