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In Review: Summer Farm Tour at Tussock Sedge Farm

Jun 17, 2019 | Farm Tours | 0 comments

Henry Rosenberg, his family and many fine farm hands took thirty visitors on a farm tour at dusk for the BCFA farm tour and potluck on June 5, the first of our summer tours for the season!


To hear them tell it, the real story behind their by-line, “100% grass fed, is the hard work and planning put into soil restoration and water management on Tussock Sedge’s 500 acres of land. Swales and terracing slow the flow of water runoff caused by rain storms, cows are grazed in rotation, fields are over seeded with preferred grazing species and this year alone 750 native trees were planted to help retain water on the farm and improve soil. Quality soil, pure water, an excellent water table and healthy Red Angus cows are all key ingredients to the excellent beef produced by these fine farmers.


The tour, inspirational message and delicious grilled beef all made for an evening well spent!


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