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In Review: Summer Farm Tours

Jul 31, 2019 | Farm Tours | 0 comments

BCFA is so proud to offer farm tours as part of our mission to educate and connect consumers. We have visited over 27 different farms and shared meals and knowledge.  The two farms we have toured so far in 2019 were Tussock Sedge and Fulper Family Farmstead.  Although very different, both farms have cows in common.

It was very interesting to get the perspective of a supporter who was able to attend both farm tours. Dr. Beth Snyder shared some of her views with us.

“I have grown up as a city and borough person so I have never had tours of farms like we had through BCFA. Before even touring the farm I enjoyed the potluck dinner. It was a nice opportunity to meet really interesting people from the community whom I never would have met… knowledgeable people who were fellow farmers or those interested in the hope for humanity in farming to the environmental impact.

What was special about both farms was how they are doing what they can to avoid their animals’ excrement getting into the watershed and instead are using it for fertilizer on their own farms.  Tussock Sedge is extremely careful to not use chemicals and to circulate the animals and the plantings to sustain the topsoil. The farm was very clean and very organized. The fields were picturesque. My favorite thing was seeing how Henry Rosenberger created a wetlands area free from grazing cows to have a place for water run-off and a beautiful and safe wetland habitat for birds and other wetland creatures.

Fulper Family Farmstead also had contented cows who were treated humanely. They run a strict and very clean milking operation. The cows had room to wander around outside. Seeing there many pregnant cows made me glad my kids were under 7 lbs as these poor girls were huge.

I have been predominantly a vegetarian but after seeing these farms I felt a much bigger understanding as to the humane life these animals can live. These are not factory farms.  Thus I would insist on buying my products from local farmers. I encourage others in the community to come to these events. It is eye opening.”

Thank you, Beth. Hope to see you at Anchor Run in August. No cows involved!


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