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Meet Our New Administrator: Jade Greene

May 1, 2022 | BCFA News | 0 comments

I grew up on the banks of the Delaware River – the convergence of many streams and creeks that eventually build up together to form the mighty and gentle Delaware. Every creek is full of life from insects to fish to birds. The land around the creeks, known as a watershed, influences the health of creeks through rain runoff. Whatever is put on the land (including litter, agricultural chemicals, oil) is eventually washed into our creek systems, impacting the health of the creeks. Learning about these complicated and intimately connected systems inspired me to study Environmental Science at Penn State and pursue a life of environmental responsibility. I have since worked as an environmental educator, an ecological consultant, watershed association president, a wild invasive plant forager, and now as the Administrator for Bucks County Food Alliance.
Just as the land and creeks form a watershed, all the farms and community members form a foodshed. The foodshed flows from farms to consumers. Each farm is a piece, tending and growing, contributing to the food bounty of all in the local area. As farming land practices impact watersheds, they also impact our soils and food production. Each customer is a piece, making a choice to support this fragile and vital system. Farming practices are deeply connected to the health of our environment. Learning about these complicated and intimately connected systems has inspired me to pursue a local path to eating and working.
I now realize, I also grew up in a foodshed. I am so excited to join Bucks County Foodshed Alliance as the Administrator and to support our foodshed, just as I have our watersheds. I am the new face behind the social media accounts, newsletter, and general email. Please reach out if you have any events or news so I can share with our wonderful community. I look forward to communicating with you and helping our ‘sheds together!
Jade Greene (she/her)


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