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Lose the Lawn, Create a Wildflower Meadow Instead


Learn how to enhance your property’s landscaping for wildlife by creating a wildflower meadow. Lawns are monocultures that are green deserts for wildlife, offering no cover, no food (nectar, seeds, etc.), and no beauty (blooming wildflowers and lovely native grasses). Consider turning some lawn into a wildflower meadow instead. Even a small “pocket meadow” will make […]

Create Habitat in Your Jersey-Friendly Yard


All creatures need to eat, drink, hide from predators, take cover from harsh weather, and safely raise their young. Whatever the size of your yard, learn how you can transform it into a haven for wildlife. Presenter: Kathleen Kerwin, Program Associate, Wildlife Conservation and Management Program with Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Your Yard


Learn how to compost your yard waste in place! Stop sending leaves, grass clippings, and spent plants to the curb. Composting at home gives you the power of nurturing the soil that will provide you with food, clean water, and air while treating yard waste right at the source. By practicing the art of composting, […]

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