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Understanding Weed Life Cycles with Dr. Carolyn Lowry


Learn how the physiology and life cycles of weeds can help you make more informed decisions on your farm. For sustainable and organic farmers, weed prevention is key to keeping your farm productive and profitable. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to weed control requires digging in at the micro level while keeping the big-picture in mind. Dr. […]

Pest Scouting with Dr. Laura Ingwell


Whether in your hoophouse or out in your field; whether aphids, cucumber beetles, cabbage loopers, or all of the above—don’t let insect pests get the best of your crops! Organic and sustainable growers have many options to help prevent and control pests of all types on their farms, but preparation, observation, and timely action are […]

Digging into the Science of Nutrient Density Webinar


Whether you grow food, sell it, cook it, or just eat it—we all have a stake in gaining a deeper understanding of the links between soil health, plant health, and human health. The concept of nutrient-dense food has been growing in popularity for decades, but how do we actually define and quantify it? During this webinar, we’ll […]

Vegetable Disease ID & Prevention with Dr. Beth Gugino


Find out how to recognize the early signs of diseases and take steps to prevent them. Taking an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach on sustainable and organic farms is all about planning, observation, and timely responses—nowhere is that more true than with plant disease. Join Dr. Beth Gugino, Penn State University professor and extension specialist in […]

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