Winter Farmers' Markets are Open!

Come check out the seasonal flavors and winter fun at both of our Winter Farmers’ Markets!

2022 Farmers' Forum: Healthy Soils, Healthy Profits

BCFA is proud to be hosting another Farmers’ Forum! This is an event to show appreciation to the many local farmers that cultivate food and fiber for our region. This event is by invitation only!

What we do

Founded in 2006, the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance is committed to building a resilient local food system through CONNECTION, EDUCATION and COLLABORATION.

We Connect

BCFA builds vital relationships between consumers, farmers, local and regional government, schools, social services, businesses, land stewards and others to activate and strengthen our local food system.

We Educate

BCFA raises awareness among consumers, elected officials, farmers, and food system professionals about local food issues and sustainability using a variety of informative programs, farm tours and demonstrations at venues around the county.

We Collaborate

BCFA works closely with a wide range of organizations, institutions, and individuals to ensure a resilient local food system that strengthens the health of our ecosystems, our economy and our community.

What is a Foodshed?

A foodshed is the geographic region that produces the food for a particular population. Food flows from the area where it is produced to the place where it is consumed, including the land it grows on, the route it travels, the markets it passes through, and the tables it ends up on.

Who We Are

Bucks County Foodshed Alliance is an organization of consumers, producers and other stakeholders working together to:

Strengthen our farming economy

Improve availability of local, healthy, sustainably-grown food for all members of our community


Bucks County’s


Our Programs & Events

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, Jan 31 : Farm to Table Radio Report
  • Saturday, Feb 5 : Farm to Table Radio Report
  • Saturday, Feb 5 : Doylestown Winter Farmers' Market
  • Monday, Feb 7 : Farm to Table Radio Report
  • 2022 Farmers’ Forum: Healthy Soils, Healthy Profits

    Doylestown Winter Farmers’ Market

    Wrightstown Winter Farmers’ Market

    We are a local, producer-only market promoting sustainable farming practices that support healthy soil, produce, pastures, animals, people and local communities.

    Farm to Table Radio Report

    Join BCFA board member, Chef Kelly Unger, for her farm-to-table segment on WDVR 89.7FM! She will host a seasonally-centered show each week, highlighting her many delicious recipes and extensive knowledge of the local food scene.

    BCFA Farms

    Farm Tours Conducted

    Small Farm Grants Awarded

    What’s been happening!

    CSA Programs

    Customers at BCFA Farmers' Markets in 2020

    Places to Buy Local Farm Products!

    Our Team

    Collaboration is the key to achieving our mission. Thanks so much to our incredible network of farmers, producers, dedicated volunteers and all of our committed supporters and advocates.

    A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors

    Our History

    Bucks County Foodshed Alliance (BCFA) was founded in 2006 by a grassroots group to make the bounty of our farms more accessible to our community, while providing farmers with a market for their products. The first initiative was to create a farmers’ market, which is now the self-supporting year-round Wrightstown Farmers Market. Today, BCFA’s activities continue to expand and evolve in order to keep:

    Building a Resilient Local Food System


    Connection, Education & Collaboration

    July 2006

    BCFA is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) public charity supported by donations and membership dues.

    September 2006


    BCFA began running the Doylestown Farmers Market.


    BCFA established the Bucks County Chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local, a consumer education program that helps citizens easily identify fresh, locally grown and produced food.

    Look for this label wherever you shop!

    Buy Fresh Buy Local

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