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Recap: Farm Tour at Gravity Hill

Jun 15, 2022 | BCFA News, Farm Tours | 0 comments

About 20 participants gathered Gravity Hill Farm in Titusville on 6/1/22 to learn about the farm and the generous bounty that the Rolling Harvest Food Rescue gleans from the fields. Participants enjoyed a wonderful potluck on the veranda overlooking the farm. Farm owner Maria Nicolo shared the history of the farm and the challenges faced as the first organic farmers market in New Jersey. Rolling Harvest President, Cathy Snyder, explained the important work Rolling Harvest completes to provide healthy, fresh produce to local food insecure families. Rolling Harvest farms the fields of Gravity Hill and many other local farms donate surplus produce (and field space) to the organization. Rolling Harvest also provides recipes to make fresh vegetables less intimidating and more delicious.

The tour included the volunteer gardens, the contour cropping, the hoop house, and the newly constructed large walk-in cooler and paved pad which allows the group to store pallets of food for pantries that do not have refrigeration equipment.

It was a truly inspiring event! Rolling Harvest is always seeking volunteers to help with all their operations, please volunteer with them. Get the app to be notified when volunteers are needed!

The 2022 farm tour series continues on July 6 at Myerov Family Farm and conclude on August 3 at Barefoot Botanicals.

Potluck included local strawberries!
President of Rolling Harvest, Cathy Snyder, talks about the organization.
Farm Manager Devon Viola shows the volunteer gardens, which are accessible to all volunteers as a thank you for their hard work!
Food Distribution Manager, Taryn Krietzman, shows the fields.
Fields are planted along the slope of the hill to help prevent runoff, erosion and increase fertility, this method is called “contour farming”
The large paved pad area allows delivery trucks to maneuver and includes a large walk in cooler that can store pallets of food.


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