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Small Farm Grant Awarded to Solrig Farm

Jul 29, 2023 | BCFA News, Support for Local Farmers | 0 comments

Phyllis Hansen, owner and founder of Solrig Farms, stands next to the freeze dryer.

Phyllis Hansen is the owner and founder of Solrig Farm Microgreens and has been an outstanding vendor at BCFA’s Doylestown Farmers Market since 2020.  She is a joyful presence at the market and is totally aligned with our DFM and BCFA mission of education. Solrig produces an excellent product and has a tremendous customer following and loyalty.

Microgreens are beautiful, delicious, and nutritious.  Demand for them has steadily increased and Phyllis Hansen expanded production in 2022 to meet that increasing demand using intensive, vertical farming techniques.  These techniques conserve water and provide dedicated lighting and climate control for optimum growing conditions.

What does Phyllis need with an industrial freeze dryer then if she is are committed to growing fresh, beautiful microgreens? Solrig Farm Microgreens, committed to nutritional education in the community, has dedicated production space to plants whose combination supplies full spectrum phytochemical compounds. Phyllis tells us “as a nutraceutical, microgreens can be freeze dried and offer concentrated nutrition along with ease of access, use, shelf life and distribution… Upon experimenting with dehydrating the microgreens and researching the best method to retain the most nutrition, freeze drying has been shown to be superior.  When microgreens are freeze dried, the serving size is only ½ teaspoon and can provide the nutrition boost needed easily by simply sprinkling it on the food or using it in smoothies.”  Different brassicas offer slightly different phytochemical profiles and the Solrig formulation includes 7 varieties incorporated into a powder as well as a net mass percent of the essential enzyme found in radish. In addition, we currently produce fresh moringa leaves” which are also incorporated into the product.

Some of Solrig Farm’s beautiful microgreens

Information from her website includes:

  • Our mission is to bring to you the most up-to-date scientific research on the biochemistry of the health-promoting compounds found in microgreens, and to support your nutritional goals by producing high quality, organically produced, living microgreens.
  • Our vision is to generate a community resource for information about functional foods and produce a line of microgreens with dose-related certification process to guarantee active compound concentration.
  • Our focus is you! We aim to support your food decisions by sharing the health benefits of microgreens through newsletters and local events. We hope to enhance your understanding of the awesome biochemical processes that promote health and wellbeing.


Bucks County Foodshed Alliance is thrilled to support Solrig Farm Microgreens and other small farms in our region through providing funds for growth and continued success with our Small Farm Grant Program.  Funds for the program come from supporters of BCFA, just like you!


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