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Show Our Farmers Some Love

Nov 24, 2020 | Advocacy & Policy, Support for Local Farmers | 0 comments

Dear friend,

This year was anything but normal.

Even a simple trip to the grocery store was no longer something to take for granted.

But it was a great year for our farmers’ markets!

The news was full of stories about food shortages. This created a real awareness of the fragility of our food pathways and an appreciation of locally grown food.

Interest in healthy food, becoming more food independent, teaching children how food comes to the table, and the sheer pleasure of being outdoors led to record numbers to our farmers’ markets and farm stands.

Despite this good news, farmers need our help. Our mission hasn’t changed: to connect, educate and collaborate. BCFA supports our farmers in as many ways as we can; promoting healthy locally grown food, educating the community and government officials and providing a bridge between consumers and farmers through our farmers’ markets, monthly newsletters, news releases and our Small Farm Grants.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced BCFA to cancel our fall 5K Run and 3K Family Fun Walk. This hampered our fundraising. Some of our small business sponsors continue to be heavily impacted by COVID-19. As a result, we have to rely more on you, our supporters.

If you love our farmers’ markets and our farmers, please make a generous donation that will enable us to continue with more small farmer grants and our other programs.

You can donate online on our website, bucksfoodshed.com or send us a contribution via mail to P.O. Box 401, Doylestown, PA 18901.

Join us in good eating, good growing, good business and good community,

Susan Pierson, President
and the BCFA Board of Directors


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