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Article by Lisa Braud

The saying goes, “know your farmer, know your food” and on July 7th, we had the pleasure of meeting the team behind Spring Creek Farm and learning more about their farm, products, and practices. The weather was perfect and we had a huge turnout as we took on the 125 acres of rolling pasture on the corner of Meetinghouse and Aquetong Roads in Solebury Township. Brent began the tour by answering any questions along with head farmer Hannah. They both shared unique perspectives and their passion for the property was abundantly clear. The farm employs regenerative agriculture to enrich the soil and surrounding habitats naturally using crop and livestock rotation, cover crops, compost, and minimal tillage, restoring and preserving the soil and eliminating chemical insecticides, fertilizers, and fungicides. We saw the crop fields and hoop house booming with produce along with the chickens that are protected by the beautiful Great Pyrenees. The founder and owner, Brent, is committed to building an economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture model that restores farmland and serves the community with locally grown farm fresh food that tastes better, builds better health, and preserves our natural beauty and resources for generations to come. He has even made the entire operation run on solar power and geothermal heat!

About the author:

Lisa Braud, a native to Bucks County, recently started a farm here
called Hollow House Farms.  At HHF, their goal is to provide the local
community with fresh produce, honey, and eggs, connect people directly
to the land with experiential tours and dinners, and educate them on
the future of sustainable agriculture.  She also owns a Public
Relations + Digital Marketing company, where she is passionate about
connecting people, and helping small businesses share their story.


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