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Supporting Pollinators: DIY Bee Hotel

Jun 22, 2022 | Gardening Tips, Sustainability, Wildlife & Biodiversity | 0 comments

Many important pollinators are solitary native bees and like to live or rest in already existing holes (ie, they do not damage your property and drill holes). These pollinators are crucial for food crops and native plants. Can you spot the mason bee in photo #1? It is very easy to create a supportive habitat for them in your garden or yard without making any major investments!

Here are some ideas and types for make your own DIY bee hotel:

  • Drill holes of different sizes in an old log (photo #2).
  • Place bamboo reeds in an old, cleaned can (photo #3).
  • Place your hotel about 5 feet off the ground to avoid predators. Place near flowers and water sources.
  • Place south facing so it can warm up (bees are cold blooded) and be easily seen.
  • Make sure the location is secure so it does not fall. Do not move much after it has been placed.
  • Make sure the holes are sheltered from the rain (keep under roof, cut log on an angle, etc.)
  • Take a photo of your “hotel” at night with a flash, the bees will face out and you can see their cute little faces (see photo #1) and see if they are occupying a hole! Only do this occasionally so they aren’t bothered.
A solitary bee pop it’s head out. Bees rest facing out in their holes.
You can construct a bee hotel out of an old log. Drill holes of various sizes.
You can also use an old, clean can and fill it with reeds, such as bamboo.


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