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The Doylestown Farmers Market: A Special Place

Jul 31, 2019 | Farmers' Markets | 0 comments

By Grace Romero

The Doylestown Farmers Market is a special place. Only one street block long, but inspired by its big idea – Buy Fresh, Buy Local. Saturday mornings from mid spring to late fall, our community gets the chance to shop here for the freshest harvest and handmade crafts. The turning of the seasons begins with cool spring veggies, root crops, and garden ready plant starts. Later the season brings us colorful bouquets, berries, sun-ripe peaches, squash, tomatoes, sweet corn and so much more. Get a jump on each early harvest of changing seasonal produce.

The Doylestown Farmers Market is where one can feel the farmers’ personal touch – on fresh-cut herbs, crisp salad greens and just-dug potatoes. Strolling the market alone or with family and pets, savor the scents of brewed coffee and herbed breads as you fill your weekly basket with them as well as incredible pickles, pastured meats, all sorts of cheeses, mushrooms and preserves. Taste uniquely flavored kombucha and beers, sample essential oils, soaps and herbal remedies, and pick up on special culinary techniques. Spend some time meeting and chatting with the drivers of the market, Chef Kelly and Rhiannon and mingle and learn from our dedicated farmers and crafters.

Food is so much more nourishing to both the body and soul when you know where it comes from and what it takes to grow it! Enjoy the warmth of lively music and chance meeting friends and neighbors. Shop here where there is time to stop and look around, and come away sharing the big idea – to eat and buy local, close to home.


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