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Tybuk Maple Syrup Farm Awarded Small Farm Grant

Feb 8, 2020 | BCFA News, Support for Local Farmers | 0 comments

Tybuk Maple Syrup Farm writes: 

We can’t begin to tell you how much easier the canning machine has made our life. “Back in the day” Carol would pour 5 gallons of syrup into a roasting pan on the stove, then we would have to monitor it until it reached 180 degrees. We would then use a Pyrex measuring glass and pour it into our syrup jugs. Life is so much easier now! We just load 12-13 gallons of syrup into the heating bin, wait abouta half hour or so and BAM, we are canning syrup. It’s so much cleaner and very little waste. The ability to bottle more quicker has given us the confidence to pursue additional locations willing to sell our syrup- and additional farmers markets. Our sales are going through the roof and we are loving how busy with are! The canning machine has made this all possible. Every time we use it, we comment how much better it is to use it compared to the old way. Thank you again for assisting us so we could buy it!


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