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Bucks County Foodshed Alliance Needs YOU!


Volunteers help us carry out our mission and implement our annual goals. We need YOUR skills for as little or as much time as you have to give us! There are so many opportunities for you to make a difference:

    • Writing –  Do you love to write? We could use your talents to write articles for our monthly newsletter and articles/press releases for the newspapers and magazines for Foodshed and farmers markets events.
    • Programs and Events – Each year, we hold programs, farm tours and other events such as collaborating with the County Theater to show a film or our Farmer Forum. We’d love your help in planning and carrying out these events.
    • Social Media – Help us promote and inform people about our farmers. markets, programs, farm tours, Small Farm Grants and Farmer Forums.
    • Photography – Love to take pictures? We’d love to use your photographs of our farmers’ markets, farm tours, programs, events, etc.!
    • Small Farm Grant Committee – Since we are giving away money, we need to raise money (!) so folks who are comfortable asking for donations or who can help expand our donor list are especially welcomed.
    • Farmer Forums – Held once or twice a year. We choose a topic from those suggested by the farmers and bring the farmers together to learn about it. This may involve bringing in an expert, getting the word out to the farmers and sometimes the public.
    • Farmers’ Markets – Our markets can always use volunteers:
    • Our Board of Directors – Do you love what we do? Please consider joining our board of directors and help us carry out our mission and shape our future. We’d love to talk to you about this.

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And a big thank you to all of our volunteers!


Other Volunteer Opportunities with Partner Organizations


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Rolling Harvest Food Rescue

Find volunteer opportunities on their website or gleaning app! Volunteers are always welcome on Wednesday and Saturday mornings 9 to 11 at Gravity Hill Farm, 67 Pleasant Valley Road inTitusville, NJ. And soon every Monday 9 to 11 at Solly‘s farm 707 Almshouse Rd., Ivyland PA.

Carversville Farm Foundation

Find volunteer opportunities on their website.

Bucks County Housing Group

Find volunteer opportunities on their website for their community garden, food pantries and more.

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