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Where would be be without volunteers?

Dec 2, 2022 | BCFA News, Community News, Farmers' Markets | 0 comments

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Bucks County Foodshed Alliance! With their energy and passion, support our mission to connect local food and farms with the community. We want to acknowledge all the amazing folks who GET THINGS DONE around here! From volunteers at the markets to food pantry connections to a dynamic board of directors, BCFA is absolutely humbled and grateful for each and every volunteer.

Interested in volunteering with us? Read more about opportunities here. 

Doylestown Farmers Market Volunteers

Madalyn Battaglia

Market Volunteer

Alex Schramm

Market Volunteer

Cindy Ferranti

Market Volunteer

Not pictured: Jody Rosenblum & Diane Katz Ziegman

WRIGHTSTOWN Farmers Market Volunteers

Debbie Pellulo

Debbie Pellulo - Volunteer Coordinator, CRSD Student Community Service Coordinator

Carrie Dyer

Carrie Dyer - Merchandise Manager

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson - Parking Lot Manager, Committee Member

Lisa Braud

Lisa Braud - Social Media Manager, Committee Member

Blair Greiner

Blair Greiner - Social Media Contributor and Photographer

Jill Waldbeiser

Jill Waldbeiser - Food Pantry Driver and Special Events

Jane Magne

Jane Magne - BCFA and WFM Originator

Mike Hoy

Mike Hoy - Grange Liaison

Marianne Ham

Marianne Ham - Committee Member

Tanya Kogen

Tanya Kogen - Vendor Map Designer

Mindy Smith

Mindy Smith - Event Volunteer

Nancy Goshens

Nancy Goshens - Market Volunteer

Dave Sowerbutts

Market Volunteer

Ellen Treiman

Market Volunteer

Phil Treiman

Market Volunteer

Dante Floro, Mark Quinn, & Geoff Gilmore

Dante Floro, Mark Quinn, & Geoff Gilmore - Student Volunteers & Head Schlepper (Geoff)

Kate McCarthy

Kate McCarthy - Kids Activity Coordinator

Scott McBurney

Scott McBurney - Market Volunteer

Kathy Masulis & Charles Jervis

Kathy Masulis & Charles Jervis - Food Pantry Volunteers

Ben Halasa, Steven Liu, Cole McCarthy, Jack Burns

Ben Halasa, Steven Liu, Cole McCarthy, Jack Burns - Student Volunteers

Student Volunteers (not pictured): Matt Jacob, Leah Jacob, Bailey Gassman, Ved Mhatre, Jake Karp, Sean Klein, Owen Panyard, Wyatt Pasch, Vlada Radzuik, Abby Rogan, Mark Quinn, Chris Varghese

Other Volunteers

Shawn Samperi

Farmer Volunteer

Student Video Editors

Bucks County Foodshed Alliance Board of Directors

Top Row: Susan Pierson (President), Susan Snipes-Wells (Vice President), Robin Hoy (Treasurer), Lisa White (Secretary)

Bottom Row: Kelly Unger, Shari Rossmann, Sara Wuerstle, Paul Weinstein


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